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Last updated on March 26th, 2018 at 02:31 pm

I have always been a great advocate of google products( in most cases) , so this post may sound a bit biased, but you can be rest assured that any information shared on this Youtube Live article are based on facts and research.

Youtube Live as Webinar Platform – Introduction

Youtube-Live-WebinarIf you want to broadcast online webinar for your audience, YouTube Live Streaming Events is one of the most flexible and reliable method to run a successful webinar. I recently finished a webinar on the “Future of Blogging” and it was a great seamless experience.

Being a member of several online community and speaker for quite a few closed private group, I have personally used majority of webinar software currently available in the market so I think I am in a good place compare such products.

Youtube Live is definitely one of the best bet as far as performance and pricing being the key factor. Another great advantage of this amazing product from Google, is that it has no restriction on the number of viewers. So your webinar audience can have unlimited attendees.

Getting Started with Youtube Live

To get started with Youtube Live , you will need an account with Google. If you use Gmail , then you already have a Google account which is enough for you to use their Youtube Services. However, you are free to create a separate account for your business purpose. It’s free.  Login into your Youtube account and create ca channel if you haven’t done it already. Now head over to your Profile Icon on the top right of your screen while you are on the Youtube webpage and Click on “Creator Studio”


Setting up Youtube Live for Webinar

Here on the Youtube Creator Page, look for “Events” under the live streaming section on the left navigation menu. Then Next thing you have to do is click on “Schedule a new Event”. You should choose an appropriate date and time depending upon your preparation audience and time-zone.

Youtube Live Webinar Privacy

YouTube allows you to set who actually can view your webinar. If you are running a webinar which is for a set of specific viewer, you can configure the webinar event as “private”. If you are looking for online visibility and popularity and want as much exposure as possible, you would probably want it to be set to “Public”. If you set this to private, then only invited YouTube users can access the webinar. In some cases your target webinar audience may not have a YouTube/google account so your best option is to set your webinar event as unlisted. As the Event creator you can invite anyone by sharing a special link and your Webinar is accessible to only those who come through that link.

Youtube Live Webinar Type

In this section, there are two options. The Quick and the other one is Custom. Unless you are a professional video editor or a media house, we would strongly rec omened using the quick option. YouTube streams your Live webinar through google hangout on air which is a very reliable and proven method.

One of the best feature of YouTube Live Webinar is that the link generated once you create an Live Event always remain the same. So if someone is trying to view the webinar before the Actual Start time, it shows a countdown timer. And if anyone missed attending your live webinar at the scheduled time, he can still view the auto recorded event at the same link. This ensures, that none of your visitor misses out on your content.

Youtube Live Analytics

Statistics and numbers always fascinates me. Youtube Live Webinar allows you to check a host of analytical data inside the live control room page. All you need to do is click on the edit button and then on “Live Control Room” at the top menu. Live control room is only available on the web version. You cannot take advantage of this, if you are using mobile or tablet.

Going Live on your Webinar

Prepare your script beforehand and make a bulleted list of things that will be discussed during the webinar. This will help you organize and present your webinar in a much better and professional way. Click on “Start Hangouts on Air” when you are ready and you will be broadcasting yourself in no time. Remember by default it uses your web camera to capture video, however you can switch it to screen sharing mode if you want to display your screen to the webinar viewers.

Multiple Presenter Mode – Youtube Webinar

Youtube live allows you to add more host to your webinar. This gives a professional edge over others. To use this feature you can add more camera’s to your event. Each camera is displayed as thumbnail over the main camera stream and the viewer is free to pick any stream from within the video.

Youtube Live webinar – Inbuilt Monetization

If your webinar’s privacy is set to Public, you can take advantage of your Youtube’s built in slated advertisement. As a content creator one can easily insert advertisement in between your webinar stream. Depending upon your niche and target audience, you can decide whether to implement ads in your webinar or not.

Youtube Live Webinar – Instant Chat

Webinar is all about modern communication and live interaction. Live chat is one such feature that allows viewers to interact with the webinar host or presenter. Fortunately YouTube has this useful feature by default for all webinar event. Instant live chat is only available on the watch page, so if you embed the video on an external webpage then you won’t be able to see the live chat. It is advisable to appoint a chat moderator who can filter the unwanted chat messages and keep the whole interaction more informative for other viewer as well. You can also block users from this chat panel directly.

Best Youtube Live Webinar Alternatives

While there are several free and paid webinar tools available in the market today, but if you are serious about your business then there is one product that will help you create stunning webinars with ease. Go ahead and try WebinarIgnition and you won’t be disappointed. We certainly do not want to sound unbiased so here is the list of other live webinar platform which one could try and review.

  • WebinarJam
  • GotoWebinar
  • Easy Webinar
  • Adobe Connect
  • WP Webinar
  • Ever Webinar

Final Words on Live Webinar Software

No matter which software you use to host your own webinar, your business will grow exponentially over a period if the content of your webinar is original and worth their time.

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